The Vision of this ministry is to Educate, Train and Inspire people nationwide to become Master Greeters.

I have been a greeter for many years. As a boy I was impressed by two greeters who always showed an interest in me. They made me feel wanted. I learned greeting from their example and added more depth as God revealed new insights to me.

As I implemented these ways, people complimented me on how it made them feel important. They would plan their parking so they would enter through my doorway. If they entered another doorway, some would even walk another 50 yards to come by and say hello to me. They would brag about me to their friends. (I don't mind this because it gives them another way to entice their friends to come to church.) They began to bring their invited guests to me because they knew I would love them, be excited to meet them and remember them. If someone had a personal need, they knew I would pray for them.

On most Sunday mornings I greet 300- 600 people each by name. If I don’t know their name because they are new, I make it a point to introduce myself and ask for their name. By the time they leave church, I have learned their name and face. Over time I have learned beyond 3000 names and faces.

So now I offer these ideas to everyone so the loving gospel will be demonstrated in their community.

I am the husband to a wonderful wife, Joy, and the Dad of four grown and spiritually active children. As a native of Washington I attend the Vancouver First Church of God. By profession I have a Handyman business.


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