How to Be a Master Greeter 


"The 11 Actions that Build a Friendlier Church" $6.50

How to Be a Master Greeter goes deeper into understanding and making welcome the new person than any other publication. From it you will gain a new vision of what's possible. Its aim is to educate and train your church leaders, greeters and ushers to become Master Greeters throughout the church.

Master Greeter Rich has learned these principles after years of practice. He personally greets 300-600 people by name each Sunday. Over several years he has learned the names and faces of over 3000 new people he has met.

90 minute Seminar Audio CD Set: $15

Group Training Packet with 65 Minute DVD,

Master Greeter Book, 25 Reminder Bookmarks,

and 3 pages of Notes for Group Training: $50




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