Rich is available for seminars in individual churches or group of churches. If your church affiliation has a training conference or seminar for layman, Rich would be an excellent choice for conducting a Master Greeter Seminar.

Guidelines for Scheduling a Speaking Engagement

1. I wish to be home by Sunday morning to do my greeting duties. A Master Greeter is persistent and faithful to the people he greets in his own church.

2. The host church or churches are to be in prayer for the training session for, at least, two weeks prior to the training. I can speak the words but only God can reach into the heart. In advance I will be asking my prayer partners and several thousand pastors and greeters to pray for our session together.

3. If air travel is involved, the hosting party is to pay for a round trip ticket. I would be coming from the Portland, Oregon airport. I will make the travel arrangements.  I look for the most economical fares that will get me there and return on time.

4. The hosting party provide a fee of $150 plus a love offering from the participants. If the host church decides to not take a love offering please add $200 to the basic fee. I encourage you to invite other churches or church representatives. Let’s reach out to as many people as possible.

5. If an overnight stay is required, I would prefer to stay in a home of someone in the host church. A person in charge of greeting would be ideal.

6. Invite the whole Congregation especially Church Leaders, Ushers and Greeters.

7. I would be depending on the host church to provide the transportation that is needed.

8. My session will last about 2.5 hours plus 1/2 hour of registration. It will be educating, training and inspiring your people. They will never greet the same again.

Click on the image below to see a larger printable version. This may be copied as a poster or bulletin insert for your coming Master Greeter Seminar.


Comments from Seminar in McMinnville, OR

Seven churches and 132 participants attended


“Thank you for being so honest. I am blessed with what I learned.”

“Rich is a great speaker and an inspiration.”

“Fabulous information! Invaluable

“This was excellent. There is a lot more to sincere greeting than just saying Hi.”

“I’ve learned so much in these couple of hours.”

“I am new in this church. I have been new 1 year and this is great. I still feel lonely and I am a stay at home mom. This helps me so much!”

“Thanks for pointing out how important the greeter is.”

Very well done. The methods for successful greeting were well-communicated. Also- and especially- a passion for the lost and making the most of opportunities.”

“Just what we needed.”

“Thank you for broadening my view of a greeter. What a privilege! What an awesome opportunity to impact the harvest!

“Animated. Heartfelt. Clear and concise. All for Jesus!”

“Very powerful message with excellent examples! Encouraging and motivating.”

Thank you for your love of Christ and sharing that with others.”

“You make greeting a fun job.”

Good interaction.”

“Awesome! I’ve been a greeter at my church for years, but now I have totally different outlook on my ‘ministry’ and its importance to Christ and my church. It was eye-opening…It was heart-opening.”

“This has helped me refocus!”

“I’m excited to put these into practice with our youth as well as adults.”

Very needed and even fun!”

So inspirational – for greeters to learn and know the valve of what we do.”

“Very nicely done; hands on learning is effective.”

“This session is helping me to leave my confort zone and reach out to people more and share about our Lord.”

“Thank you for your passion for Christ and bringing lost souls to our family and God! Many who are not here need to hear you.”

“Great tips. Down to earth techniques. Just like Jesus would do!

It hit the mark. Our church needs this kind of program.”

Fantastic, outstanding, informative, a true blessing. You truly are inspiring.”


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